The park will remain open this weekend (subject to governmental action), continuing to operate under the Social Distancing guidance from the CDC and within the requirements provided by our government. The following precautions will be in place this weekend:

• Permits will be available through the window only. No person will be permitted to enter the office.

• Increased frequency of sanitizing and cleaning.

• No congregating of groups in outside areas. We will be monitoring this closely and ask that you also monitor this between each other.

• Maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet apart in all areas, at all times.

• Only members from the same family unit (or those who co-habitate) may ride together in an offroad vehicle.

• Camping will be prohibited until further notice

• The trails will be closing at 8 pm until further notice

• The only way the park can remain open is if we as riders maintain social distancing and observe these guidelines. We will be patrolling the park and enforcing this requirement.

• These are subject to change based on governmental action. If there is updated governmental action, we will update you immediately.

Social Distancing is important, and these are requirements. Our governmental leaders have recommended outdoor activity as long as we are observing social distancing. Our mental health in the times of crisis is essential and we feel fortunate that we can provide a mental outlet.

Stay safe and stay well!