We continue to monitor the developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Our eyes are glued to the information daily, hoping for positive information that will give us guidance on our upcoming event.

We are still hopeful for that guidance and still hopeful the event will be a go. Times are unprecedented and looking forward to the event provides us with a glimmer of hope for things to get back to normal.

Our goal is to be able to make a definite determination on the event by the end of next week – March 27. That is the end of the initial two week recommendation “to stay home” by our Governor. Hopefully by then, we will have enough information available to know our path forward.

While we realize this message doesn’t necessarily provide an answer to the question “will the event still be happening?”, we hope it does provide some clarity about our thinking and a solid timeline for you all who are following the event.

If we have updates in the meantime, we will share them. Thanks for sticking with us.

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